Create and Launch
your own Startup.

from ideation to pitching  potential investors

In-Classroom Venture Building for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

First week of April

Duration 8 weeks
1-2 sessions per week

Programme Fee

Turn your Idea into a
Reality ...

You have an idea and you have spotted an opportunity, but you need to find a way to make it real.

We are here to guide you step by step to validate your idea, create your business model and find the right investors.

launch It and succeed …

and Succeed!

Why enrol in this Startup Creation programme?

Co-Founders Matching

Find the right Co-Founders or join other Co-Founders ideas to take them into a Startup.

Experts Programme Leaders and Mentors Sessions

Get support from experienced experts to make sure your project is viable.


Pitch your idea in front of Business Angels and Venture Capital investors to get funded.

Your Startup Creation Experience

Vamos Startups and RescaleLab are bringing this venture building programme where you will be sitting with 20+ other Aspiring Entrepreneurs  developing your own ideas or creating ones from the scratch. Altogether will be going through the ideation process, forming the Teams, strategize the ideas into a business model & compile all of these into a pitch to share with potential investors for funding.


Programme Topics

Module 1: You, The Founder

Ready? Let’s do this …

Start with the Dream Team

There’s nothing more powerful than a group of individuals working together in the same direction, bringing each of them the best of  their own world.

Know what you are good at finding the right Co-Founder it is what is all about.

Module 2: Ideation Process

Let’s beging!

How to solve that problem.

What an Aspiring Entrepreneur drives is the desire of solving a problem, create something that others can benefit of and put them out there in the market.

To be able to do so there is a process that brings you from the first spark moment through different steps in the design thinking and the mindset for success.


Module 3: Visualising your Business Model...and more

Everything in one place.

Business Model Canvas explained.

This powerful tool will be the backbone of your idea, making sure that all the different elements are properly analysed and correlated:

Key Partners, activities and resources on one side, Customers and the way to reach them out on the other, your Value Proposition as a central part of the canvas and finally the cost/revenue structure for Monetisation.


Module 4: Mentor Session

The experts are here with you.

Time to get feedback.

This moduel is an essential part of the programme as you and your team will have the chance to get to know our group of seasoned experts to review your our own idea, get insighful recommendations and highly valuable advise.

They will provide motivation, emotional support, help to setting goals, networking and make you identify the necesary resources.

Module 5: Your Value Proposition

Let’s look at the secret sauce.

What makes you different.

Remember to put your potential customers first. Before and idea becomes a MVP or event a working prototype this needs to be demanded or found interesting for those about to purchase the product or receive the service.

We will go through the different options you can explore to really understand how your value proposition can ge the necessary traction in the market.


Module 6: Team Dynamics

It’s all abouth the founders.

Who makes what.

We all know that each of the founders should wear different hats at the same time, particularly during the early stages of the Startup. However it is important ot know is each founder what he or she is particularly good at and how this is in ture with the other team members.

Remember, investors put their money in the idea but most importantly in the people, you, the team willing to take that idea forward successfully.


Module 7: Monetisations Strategy

Here for the dollar.

Different ways to attract paid customers.

On this module we will look at the different ways of making your product or service open customer wallets or provide their credit cards details.

Sometimes is this can be the harder one and the most difficult to justify so a well detailed strategy and potential ways to do it is critical to your startup idea.

Module 8: The Pitch

Deliver your idea to others.

Hearing your say.

The pitch is where you encapsulate all the different elements to explain your idea, where you are going and the reasons for being.

We will look at company names, taglines elevator pitch and others such as ‘explain me in a few words what is this about’

Module 9: Funding and Beyond

Now, later and into the future.

Projecting Financials.

The funding moment is a milestone and what Venture Building is all about but here is the beginning of the Startup journey.
There is the moment where you will to put together all the resources and partners that we have for you to start the operations.
One of the them is the company registration and all potential grants and helps for different institutions.

Module 10: Demo Day

Here we go!

The big day is here.

On this day you will be meeting face to face with real potential investors that want to know about you, your team and your idea.

We will make sure that you are ready and well prepared for that moment, able to ask any questions and ready to get funded to start you operations.

2000+ entrepreneurs worldwide have started their ventures with us

We are collaborating with 100+ ecosystem partners.

Antonio was my mentor for my Team and I during the Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Competiton, being a visionary and a critical thinker, allowing us to claim 3rd prize in the whole Singapore finals.
I have worked with Gus over various projects as a GRIP co-instructor, GRIP Consultant as well as 3 Pathfinding workshops which Gus designed, developed and delivered to help our postgraduate students and researchers find their footing as deep tech founders..
Ting Dor Ngi
RescaleLab has exceeded my expectation in delivering the content for the workshop. It was engaging, fun and an eye opener. The case studies presented helped with the delivery of the content and the sharing session by the industry experts expose the participants to the real problems and trend.
I vividly remember that when I left my job to do a startup, I had mixed feelings and was uncertain on how to begin. Taking the course that Gus and his team designed, provided me with a much needed framework on how to begin my startup journey.
Jeremy Koh

You can be the next Unicorn.
You can make a Impact!

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